Rides have never been made cheaper without rideshare. Uber provides promo codes to make their trips more affordable. If you are looking for a way to save your money on the trips, you might consider their promo codes. The current active code is $ 20 free ride coupon and $50 bonus. Visit https://Rydely.com/uber-promo-code-free-ride-coupon-guide for the uber promo code. The code can enable you to pay for as little as zero dollars. The user code is currently available to new users only.

General info

How to Use Uber

Getting to use uber accessible for new users. You are only required to set up and enter an uber coupon that caris especially for new users. The initial step is to download the Uber app.
The app is available for iPhone, Androids, and WindowsPhone 7. New users can use the code to get a free ride. Entering an uber code for a free ride entails only three basic steps for all the phone users.


After installing the app, you will use the menu to get into a promo code enter the ‘promotions’ alist of promo codes will be available for your convenience. The next step is opening your default payment option, the purpose of the action to have a payment method on file to charge after the $20 ride. At the completion of the trip, the charge will be made electronically. The last step involves entering your $20 Uber promo code to load your account with the a free ride.
There are also alternative three step instructions for website use; the first step involves signing into their account portal at Uber.com. After the sign in you will click on the promotions link. The next step involves typing $29 Uber promo code fly and submitting it.

Vehicle Options

Uber has six vehicle options which are tailored to your needs. The uber x is the lowest cost and the most common choice. The minimum fare is $4. The uber XL is the next cheaper alternative rides for larger groups. The minimum fare is $7. The next step above uber XL is Uber select with a minimum fare of 10 dollars. The original uber is uber black which goes beyond the PLUS. The minimum fare is 15 dollars. Uber specifically for larger groups is the Uber SUV with a minimum fare of 25 dollars. The ultimate option for luxury is the uber

LUX with a minimum fare of 30 dollars

car 2The uber coupons are very reliable for new users. As a user, you get the chance to enjoy a free ride. The step to getting the code are easy.

With the 20 dollar coupon, you can get anywhere free. All you need is to follow their easy steps.

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