In today’s tech savvy world, almost every person owns a mobile phone. Some people even own 2 or more mobile phones that are used for work and personal use. However, as technology grows for the good of mankind so does the skills of hackers and other illegal operations.

Mobile phones use GSM signals that are digital to receive and transmit phone calls. These signals though Call Encryption 06fairly secure are still vulnerable to tapping. But how would a person who wants to keep their mobile phone calls private be safe?

How can a person achieve this and how does it work?

To encrypt your mobile phone calls you will need to have a specialized software on the phones on both ends of the telephone line. This software is available for purchase online at very affordable prices.

What the software does it that it will convert your phone call into an encrypted signal that can only be decrypted by the software at the other end. In this way even if the phone call is tapped or intercepted by an unwanted party, the information they have is useless and cannot be heard or learned.

Since most of the SIP and cellular mobile operators send the phone signals unencrypted, they are easy targets for hackers. Many will say they have nothing to hide and that double securitywho would want to listen to their calls. However, there have been many global instances where a call is tapped, and it causes many problems for the parties concerned.

Having your mobile phone calls encrypted can help you keep corporate secrets and information safe from espionage and even personal information personal. The world is getting more and closer, and many people are concerned about their privacy. It is, therefore, a smart choice to take some action to keep your secrets and privacy safe.

Do not be the victim of wiretapping or someone eavesdropping on your phone calls, e safe and use an encrypted phone software to ensure you are safe.

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