There are many golf rangefinders available in the market today. The wide variety might make it difficult when choosing a good golf rangefinder. However, some features will help you differentiate the average rangefinders from the best. One thing that you expect from your golf rangefinder is accuracy, but there are still some other important factors to consider. Before making a commitment and buying a golf rangefinder, make sure that you check all the features. You will find the rangefinder that you want from the basic up to the complex ones.

Good golf rangefinder

Range covered

The range that you want to the rangefinder to cover will determine the one that you want. The basic ones can cover about 400 yards while the complex ones can go up to 900 yards. Whether you are buying a basic or a complex rangefinder, you need to make sure that it can offer you the maximum range within its category.



You need to consider the size and weight of your golf rangefinder. If you spend a lot of hours in the field, you might want to consider something that is easy to carry around. Today many companies are coming up with light and compact rangefinders without necessary compromising on the quality, so this should not be a problem.

Easy to use

A golf rangefinder that is easy to use will always give you an easy time while on the course. You don’t want to keep wondering how to use the rangefinder while you could be doing other things. A rangefinder that is easy to use is the most preferred for beginners who are not yet skilled on how to operate a rangefinder. With one that is easy to use you will concentrate on playing the game and not operating the rangefinder.

Your budget

Your budget is always a big determinant when finding a golf rangefinder. If you want something durable, then you should never compromise on the cost. There are different models available in each category, and this will help you do a good comparison when checking the price of the rangefinder.

golf cam

Customer responses

Before buying your golf rangefinder, you might want to know what the other customers are saying about it. Look for reviews of customers who have bought and used a particular rangefinder and find out their experience.

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