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Advantages of Biometrics in Banking Security

As the biometric technology for security has continued developing, biometrics in banking has come up with new ways of implementing biometric into banking. Banking is an industry which is profoundly affected by the advancements in this security technology. Because it is a sensitive industry which requires that consumers identify themselves, biometrics security offers a lot of advantages. The following are some of the benefits of using biometrics in banks.

Protect Bank Information

One advantage of biometrics in banking is the protection of your banking statement using the biometric fingerprint readers. Bank computers contain a lot of personal and financial information which is sensitive. If unauthorized persons access this information, then it can be devastating to a bank and its clients. Many banks, therefore, use biometric fingerprint reader system which can be used on any computer throughout the bank. To gain access to a computer and its information, the fingerprints given have to match those previously recorded into the biometric storage device.

Avoid Online Security Problems

Another way that biometrics in banking offers customers great advantage is by helping them avoid online problems. This is possible by using the electronic signature verification. There are biometric systems which include USB smart card readers. The biometrics card contains the digital signature of the person on the card. The card has to be used in a smart card reader. A biometric fingerprint reader is then used by the person to scan their fingerprint. If it is validated, it unlocks the card and the signature in it. This technology can be used in sending payments electronically.

Easy Use of ATMs

Most people worry about somebody stealing their debit card and taking the money from their accounts. For traditional banking ATMs, all you need is the debit card and pin number. Biometrics in banking security, however, is being used by some banks to protect individuals. The new biometric technology brings pilot machines that use facial and iris recognition technology. This requires the ATM as well as an iris scan before you go through with transactions. A transaction can only be processed when the client is authenticated biometrically.

Customer Identification

Currently, most tellers in banks use identification with picture identification, identification cards or signatures. New developments in biometrics in banking are bringing biometric identification systems used at the teller window to identify the client instantly. The customer has their iris scanned using the biometric eye scanners for authentication and identification as opposed to the signatures, IDs and picture IDs used in traditional banks.


Some forms of identification can be forged easily. This has led to an increase in identity theft. By using biometrics technologies, the banking industry can enhance security. This way they will provide customers with better security for protecting their identity, money and financial information. Nachrichten über Finanzen, Payment, Banking und mehr is available online to help you with the latest technology in the banking sector.

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